DECT NR+ Conference 2022

DECT-2020 (or DECT NR+) has been developed by ETSI and has recently been approved by the ITU as an IMT-2020 (5G) Technology.

Known as “DECT 5G-SRIT", the new technology supports a range of uses, from wireless telephony and audio streaming to industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications, particularly in smart cities.

In this webinar you will get a full update on the scope and possibilities with this new wireless standard:


  • Which applications and use cases does the new standard address
  • What are the unique features that qualify this standard as an IMT-2020 technology
  • What are the expectations from end customers

When: Tuesday, May 24th, 2022 – 1pm to 5pm CEST

Who should attend: The webinar is designed for commercial and technical profiles with a basic understanding of on-site wireless technologies.


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Time (CEST) Title Speaker
13:00 Introduction Dr Walter Tuttlebee OBE, Wireless Technology Innovation & Strategy Ltd
Walter TuttlebeeIn the early days of DECT Walter oversaw standards and radio development for Siemens' first Gigaset phone. He subsequently edited the book "Cordless Telecommunications in Europe", later expanded and reissued as "Cordless Telecommunications Worldwide", followed a decade later by "The DECT Industry Report".

Walter led early European efforts in software defined radio and became CEO of Mobile VCE, the UK's mobile research activity, whereby mobile telecomms and broadcast companies from Europe, America and Asia collaborated with the UK's leading research Universities on 4G and early 5G. He also served on Ofcom’s Spectrum Advisory Board.

In recent years, as an independent consultant, Walter has advised companies ranging across FTSE 100, SMEs and startups, in regard to innovation and strategy and is currently assisting the UK Government in its 5G/6G activities.

13:15 Keynote: IoT Teppo Hemia, CEO of  Wirepas
Teppo Hemia, CEOTeppo Hemiä is a technology and business executive with 20 years of experience from creating, developing and delivering innovative global wireless technology products and solutions. He has experience from several successful business model creations and turnarounds, from a startup to an established business with half a billion top line.

Teppo Hemiä has been the CEO of  Wirepas since 2014. Wirepas offers a singular connectivity technology with unique licensing business model. The completely de-centralized device connectivity helps customers to lower the cost of data acquisition while keeping the reliability  levels high at any scale and networks private.

Before joining Wirepas he has held several demanding positions at Nokia, STMicroelectronics and ST-Ericsson.   
13:45 Keynote: Content Production: Opportunities for NR+ Simon Eley, BBC Principal Systems Engineer
Simon Eley, Principal Systems EngineerSimon is a Chartered Engineer with substantial experience in Radio Spectrum and Broadcast Engineering in a live broadcast environment. It includes practical knowledge of vision, sound and satellite systems, terrestrial wireless networks and broadcast delivery also managing complex multi-disciplinary projects. He has participated in and contributed to international technical groups and standards bodies on behalf of a number of high profile commercial and public organisations.
14:15 Break  
14:30 DECT-2020 NR standards introduction

This presentation provides information about the new standards set, the system architecture, and the key technologies enabling it as a part of IMT-2020 technology family.
Introduction to autonomous and de-centralized operation
Some technology performance information
Jussi Numminen, Wirepas
Jussi Numminen has 30 years of experience on developing global wireless communication technologies and standards in various organizations. He has joined Wirepas since 2015 and is responsible for radio strategy covering standards, regulation and IPRs. Jussi is serving also ETSI TC DECT vice-chair. Before joining Wirepas he has leading standardization role at Nokia, STMicroelectronics, ST-Ericsson and Ericsson.   
14:55 NR+: Why non-cellular 5G is such a big deal in massive IoT

Based on a strong radio standard, NR+ fills a big gap in the IoT ecosystem for massive machine-type communication and low latency systems. Learn more on why this is the case, and how to take advantage of that.
Kristian Saether, Product Manager, Cellular IoT and DECT NR+
Kristian Saether holds a M.Sc. degree in cybernetics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has 18+ years of experience in various R&D-, applications-, -marketing and -product management roles for microcontrollers, processors, UWB radar and wireless solutions.
15:20 Opportunities for NR+ in PMSE

Barclay, Wolfgang and Andreas are all senior managers of their respective organisations with responsibilities and influence over product roadmaps in the Program-Making & Special Events industry. Shure, Riedel and Sennheiser are companies whose products, the PMSE industry has come to rely heavily on, and all three companies are global innovators helping drive the rapidly developing PMSE market – a market that enhances and influences all of our daily lives  
Barclay Milne, Director of Engineering, Shure UK
Wolfgang Fritz, Senior Product Manager, Riedel Communications
Andreas Wilzeck, Head of Spectrum Policy and Standards, Pro Audio, Sennheise

Andreas WilzeckBarclay Milne
15:45 DECT evolution to DECT NR+

DECT development in variety market
Renesas DECT product portfolioFuture
DECT NR+ potential opportunities and Renesas plan
Siji Li, Product marketing manager Renesas

Siji Li, Product marketing manager former Dialog now Renesas2020 – Now: Product marketing manager former Dialog now Renesas
2012 – 2020: Application engineer/Marketing manager from NXP
2008 – 2012: Software engineer Trident microsystem
2007 – 2008: Test engineer NXP
16:10 Panel Discussion

Panel discussion involving all of today's speakers as well as Roel Ottink, DECT Forum